About DMG Arms LLC

DMG Arms is dedicated to serving the shooting community and their firearms. We focus on keeping your firearms in finest condition for hunting the trophy of a lifetime, keeping your family safe and competition/sport shooting. We also take pride in providing our local law enforcement departments with the upkeep and repairs of the equipment that ensures not only the safety of citizens but we want those men and women in blue to go home to their families at end of watch. Because we have a strong background in military and law enforcement, we understand the environment and the importance of a properly built and maintained firearm.

DMG Arms Machine Services Colorado

Mike Saylor

Mike is the guy that started DMG Arms more than 30 years ago without realizing it. He started working on firearms under George Muska when he was 19 years old while serving in the Air Force in the 7 th Security Police Squadron. Over the years he has competed in shooting events both in military/law enforcement class and civilian class competitions. The majority of the firearms he used to compete with were either built or modified by him.

Mitchell Johnson
IT/Web Master

Similar to Mike, Mitchell started giving technical support long before realizing it. He has been doing IT and web management throughout college and into his professional career leading him to work for several law enforcement agencies in the IT department. Technology is ever changing, and he has helped DMG Arms stay on top of the latest trends.

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